3 “Root Causes” of Joint Pain Are...

It’s a blessing and a curse.
The inflammatory process is a necessary part of healing from illness or injury, but when that process stays “turned on” for too long...

It becomes a major contributor to every chronic disease there is.

The chemicals of a long running inflammatory reaction will act like a molecular firing squad that will relentlessly attack your joints, muscles and nerves…

Causing steadily increasing pain, stiffness, and misery.

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The tension and stiffness in the muscles and tendons surrounding a joint is a totally overlooked contributor to the pain that is felt in the joint.
Even minor injury in or around joints can set off major muscle tension which then causes more pain than the original injury.

Fibrosis is a medical word for scar tissue.
When there is inflammation and muscle tension in and around a joint...

It doesn't take long for scar tissue to begin to form.

And when it does, fibrosis further limits range of motion and it can entrap nerves and blood vessels...

Contributing to even more stiffness and pain.

It set me off on a mission of scientific discovery.
With my background and expertise in nutritional and herbal medicine, I went looking for compounds that could address all the root causes of joint pain at once.

Well, I am one of those “qualified healthcare professionals” that the disclaimers tell you about.

But what I’m really most known for is being “Dr. Inflammation”…
And that’s because of my expert ability to help patients naturally overcome its health-destroying effects.

And as a board-certified naturopathic physician, I own and run one of the most well-respected holistic medicine practices in New England…

Where I see patients, and where I serve as a clinical preceptor for the Yale School of Medicine.

"Dr. Inflammation"

Dr. Joshua Levitt

With a degree in physiology from UCLA and a doctorate from Bastyr University in Seattle…
I’ve worked with thousands of real-life patients over the past 20+ years…

And during this time, I’ve helped many who thought they couldn’t be helped.

But honestly, all this talk about me makes me a little bit uncomfortable...

Because this really isn’t about me.

We’ve created a population of drug addicts who are dependent on opioids.
See, doctors are far too quick to prescribe pain medications...

The reason?
They work...but only for a moment anyway.

Doctors AND patients are frustrated.

But the evidence keeps piling up.

These drugs and the surgeries that often follow...

Are creating a generation of addicts…

People being sentenced to a life of pain and suffering.

Listen – ask yourself this...

How is pain affecting your life?
Are you staying at home more and becoming less active?

Do you avoid going anywhere with stairs?

Do you dread going to the grocery store, the mall, or anywhere that requires you to walk for long distances?

Are those you love suffering because you can’t spend time with them like you used to?

Have the grandkids stopped asking for piggyback rides or to bounce on your knee because they know you’re in pain?

Has your garden become overgrown because you just can’t tend to it anymore?

Or have you given up your neighborhood walks, golfing with your friends, volunteering, drawing, painting, or even working due to your pain?

If you’ve altered your life in any way because of chronic pain and discomfort...
If you’ve been trapped in a never-ending cycle of pain medications, injections, and therapy…

Or if you’re at your wits end because nothing has worked...

Then I’ve got good news for you.

You CAN stop your pain before it ever starts…

These same inflammatory proteins that relentlessly attack your joints, muscles, and nerves…

So now that you know all about the 3 elements of the I-M-F process…

Let’s talk about how to stop that process in its tracks. 

Because it all starts with inhibiting inflammation at its source… 

Which is why step 1 one of my protocol is a powerful natural substance proven to block the action of NF-kb…
What is this powerful natural substance? 

Curcumin hits EVERY TARGET in the chemical chain reaction of chronic inflammation.

And I know that sounds like a big word, but in essence...
Fibrosis is just a fancy word for scar tissue.

And if you think about it…

And how muscle tension itself becomes part of the discomfort you’re experiencing.
And just like chronic inflammation…

The longer muscle tension lasts, the more likely it will do long term damage.

That’s when those knots (which are also known as trigger points) begin to show up.

You know the ones…

Deep pressure on them hurts...but it’s like a “hurts so good” sort of pain.

That’s why it’s so important that you take action NOW to get this inflammation under control…
That way you can protect your health and finally experience the kind of lasting relief you deserve.

And while researchers from Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and other top universities have helped identify the previously hidden trigger “NF-kB Protein” behind chronic inflammation…

Another group of scientists figured out a 100% natural way to stop it.

Something that does what no other known substance on earth can do…

BREAK the “Pain Chain”...

Now, remember...inflammation is like fire.  
When it’s contained and controlled, all is well.

But when the NF-kB protein becomes overactive...

When inflammation starts to over-react, it turns against you.

That’s when the destruction begins.

And when this happens in a joint, or in the soft tissues around one...

It creates a chemical chain reaction that quickly escalates.

Because when the cycle gets started…

It’s almost impossible to stop.

In people with long-lasting pain…

And what starts the I-M-F process is a series of chemical reactions that together ignite the flames of inflammation which then leads to muscle tension and ultimately, fibrosis.
So, what you first need to know is that when this I-M-F process is turned off...

Pain that’s been holding you hostage for years is suddenly banished from your body.

And mobility is restored.

I call it breaking the “pain chain” ...

And once you’ve broken it...

Everything changes...

And while they do block some of the pain signals from reaching your brain which is why so many people use them…
...they ALSO block the signals your body uses to heal.

And soon after discovering the pain relief method I’ll be sharing with you in this report...

Even if you’ve already suffered through a knee, hip, or back surgery...
This all-natural approach can quickly eliminate those aches and pain and all that stiffness you’ve been dealing with…

And it’s all possible due to this new, breakthrough method for treating joint, muscle and nerve discomfort…

But here’s the funny thing… 

While most mainstream doctors claim that your stiff joints, tender muscles, and irritable nerves are simply due to years of “wear and tear” visible on x-ray...

The truth is what you see on those x-rays likely has very little to do with the pain you are experiencing.

And leading up to surgery as they continue to tell you that your problem is only going to get worse...

It’s curcumin, the most bioactive compound found in turmeric.
Now, of course, by now – chances are I’m sure you’ve heard of both turmeric AND curcumin.

But I promise, what I am about to share with you is completely different.

You see, in a recent report, researchers found that curcumin not only shuts down NF-kB…

It’s the reason why this 100% natural substance can STOP relentless joint, muscle and nerve pain…
AND allow your body to repair and heal itself naturally.

And if it works that well on severe pain…

Just imagine what it can do for your back, hip or knee discomfort.

And here’s something I didn’t tell you…

New research has discovered something else about curcumin…

It works on the same pain receptors targeted by opioid drugs!

Let me repeat that…

It works on the SAME receptors as opioids!

Yet it has zero side effects and isn’t addictive.

In other words…

I call it Golden Revive +®
And in addition to curcumin…

It contains 5 additional natural compounds proven to bring fast, effective, and lasting relief to even the most painful conditions…

By addressing all 3 causes of pain.

You see, whole turmeric root contains only 2% curcumin by weight.
That means that you’d need to consume nearly two full tablespoons of turmeric powder just to equal the amount of curcumin in a single dose of Golden Revive +®!

But that’s not the only problem…

Because studies have shown that turmeric is extremely hard to absorb…

And when you combine the low curcumin levels in whole turmeric to the difficulty in absorbing it through the GI tract…

You have a real problem.

However, BCM-95® solves those problems...and then some.

...And it has over 50 clinical studies and a 15-year track record for safety and effectiveness!

One look at the medical literature on curcumin, and it was clear that BCM-95® curcumin was the only choice for my formula.
But I took even more steps to ensure that your body not only absorbs turmeric better, but every nutrient in Golden Revive +®.

And I’ll tell you about those other pain-relieving nutrients I’ve added – and explain to you how they work – right now.

The first additional “pain-relieving nutrient” is another powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

And while BCM-95® Curcumin works incredibly well at blocking NF-kb...

Remember earlier when I mentioned the “entourage” of other inflammatory chemicals?

These are the same chemicals that can speed up joint deterioration, cause muscles to knot up and irritate your nerves making your pain and immobility even worse.

Well, these chemicals can be targeted and stopped too.

But just like BCM-95® curcumin, your doctor has probably never told you about them either.

The first one is another ancient compound that targets one of the hidden causes of pain…

Boswellia contains an ingredient called boswellic acid.
Research has confirmed that much like curcumin, boswellic acid is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory.

And while Curcumin is best known for its ability to block the NF-Kb protein…

Why magnesium?
Because according to recent studies, 75% of Americans are not meeting their recommended intake of dietary magnesium.

Most of this is due to poor diet and the depletion of magnesium from the soil where our food is grown.

It’s called quercetin and it’s one of the most super-concentrated antioxidants on the planet… commonly found in wine and onions.
And not only does it contain powerful antioxidant benefits but it blocks pain-causing chemicals too.

Bromelain is a powerful anti-fibrotic enzyme found in the juice and stem of pineapples.
And one of the things that makes bromelain so effective against pain is that not only is it super-effective at breaking down unwanted scar tissue that often forms in joints, muscles and nerves…

But it also has potent pain-relieving properties too.

It’s called Piperine and it’s a highly absorbable plant extract derived from two types of plants, Piper longum and Piper nigrum…
You see, Piperine increases your body’s ability to absorb a wide variety of nutrients by interacting and enhancing the molecules involved in the metabolism of these nutrients.

Here’s how it’s helped just a few of my patients overcome their chronic pain…

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Golden Revive +® can give you your life back—and a second chance to enjoy all the things you’re currently missing out on.
So, if you feel like life is passing you by because of your pain...

If you’re sick and tired of feeling like you just can do all of the things you enjoy...

A single bottle of Golden Revive +® will start killing NF-kB mediated inflammation immediately, allowing you to finally experience real relief….
Plus, you’ll be blocking the other inflammatory chemicals responsible for your musculoskeletal pain.

Three bottles will do the same thing, plus you’ll also start protecting yourself from chronic conditions and diseases….

I look forward to helping you in your pain-free journey!

For me, it was like a two for one. I started taking it for my hips and as they started to feel better, I noticed that my chronic digestive problems got better too.  

When we do have Golden Revive +® in stock, it goes extremely fast…

Because I also use it in my practice.
And my patients love it because it saves them on costly prescriptions.

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What you’ve just read is the result of a decades-long process of pattern recognition that led to the discovery of a simple, safe, and natural solution that has already helped over 200,000 Americans find relief from joint, muscle, and nerve pain...
One that’s allowed thousands of my patients to retain their independence and age gracefully…

All without even a “twinge” of back, neck, knee, hip, or shoulder pain.

And if you’re ready to make the smart choice and put these 6 powerful foods to the test… 

All without drugs, risky surgery, and without injections.
But before I tell you EXACTLY how – let me quickly stop for a moment and ask you an important question… 

Why injections, surgery, and blindly following “doctor’s orders” can actually cause more harm than good…

How by using this proven, joint-lubricating treatment you can experience lasting relief and a new lease on life…

AND, the 30-Second “Bone on Bone” trick you can use TODAY to safely and naturally grease your trick knees, soothe your stiff back, ease your tender shoulders, and calm those frazzled hips...   

Plus – I’ll share with you:

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Root Cause #1: 


Root Cause #2: 

Muscle Tension

Root Cause #3: 


When I discovered that this pattern of inflammation, muscle tension, and fibrosis were the underlying root causes of virtually all cases of joint pain... 

And after years of clinical experimentation, I discovered six powerful, all natural ingredients that alleviate all three primary causes of joint, muscle and nerve discomfort…

You may have heard of turmeric... you might even have a jar of it in your spice rack.
The powder in that jar is made from the root of the turmeric plant, which has been dried and ground into a fine powder. But, hidden inside that yellow powder a golden secret.

Turmeric powder contains a wide range of different botanical ingredients known as “phytonutrients”... one of which is called curcumin.

(but not just any old turmeric...)

Ingredient #1:


Recent research has revealed that curcumin acts like a “molecular kill switch” to inhibit the inflammatory process at it’s very core.
Curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) does this by inhibiting the action of an inflammatory chemical called NF-kappa B.

Multiple studies have confirmed that the effect of shutting down NF-kappa B with curcuminis...you guessed it...less pain. And less stiffness, more range of motion, and an overall better quality of life.

Without any side effects at all!
Unfortunately, there’s a catch (there’s always a catch right?). In that little jar of turmeric powder...less than 2% of it is actually curcumin.  And, as I’ve said...it’s the curcumin that does the work.

In order to deliver the full benefits of turmeric for many patients, I exclusively use a powerful extract called BCM-95® curcumin...

BCM-95® contains 95% curcumin...compared to the less than 2% curcumin in the turmeric in your spice rack!

That makes BCM-95® the world’s best curcumin extract with over 50 clinical studies and a 15-year track record for safety and effectiveness!

The potency and bioavailability of BCM-95® curcumin puts it at the top of muy list of ingredients to use to keep joints moving freely and painlessly.

Next on the list is:

Boswellia is a plant extract derived from the resin of the Indian Frankincense tree.
And most people have heard of Frankincense...

Because it comes up often in the Bible. You probably know the story, along with gold and myrrh, Frankincense was one of the three gifts brought to baby Jesus by the wise men.

And it is truly... an herb fit for a king.

Ingredient #2:


Boswellia is known traditionally as an effective pain reliever, used to help prevent the loss of cartilage in joints.
Modern science has confirmed this.

Studies have found that boswellia works to control many of the main enzymes that trigger inflammation and cartilage destruction.

And unlike pharmaceutical treatments that only disrupt a single enzyme, boswellia acts on more than 6 different types of enzymes all at the same time.
So, by acting upon these enzymes (including a famous one called 5-LOX), boswellia minimizes the damaging effects of inflammation and stimulates joint repair by activating the production of collagen.

This helps keep joints lubricated, allowing for smooth, free, frictionless mobility.

I recommend boswellia to any person who is suffering with pain or any chronic condition that has inflammation at its core.

That brings us to the next ingredient to help keep joints limber and pain free:

Quercetin is a plant pigment called a “bioflavonoid” that is found in a number of common foods, including red wine, onions, and tea...
And is associated with a wide range of health benefits. It also has a fascinating history…

When early American settlers headed west across the country in covered wagons, they'd carry with them barrels of fat for cooking.

To prevent those precious fats from going bad (and to add some flavor), they'd toss a few yellow onions into the barrel.

The quercetin in those onions protected the fat from oxidizing and going rancid, keeping it safe for human consumption.

Ingredient #3:


Modern science has now shown that the same power of quercetin is helpful for protecting joints from damage caused by the free radical damage associated with inflammation.

Free radicals are unstable, reactive, toxic compounds that can damage cells, tissues, significant damage to your body’s cells and tissues…
Including those in your joints, muscles and nerves.

Normally, when free radicals are produced, our bodies have a built-in defense mechanism that uses antioxidants to help bind and keep them in check.
But when free-radical production exceeds antioxidant capacity...
That’s when the trouble starts.

The antioxidant, free radical scavenging action of quercetin is one of the main reasons why I recommend it to patients in pain.  
The other is that quercetin has been shown to help repair damaged DNA.  
In that way, quercetin acts like the supervisor of an internal cellular cleanup crew.
You already know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
And you also know that eating more vegetables is part of that equation.
What you might not know is that quercetin is part of the reason why.
The quercetin in plant-based foods help to “mop up” the free-radical damage, repair damage to DNA, prevent the growth of abnormal cells, and slow down the cellular aging process.
Quercetin is a critical ingredient for anyone interested in preserving the health of their joints in the long term.

And so is...

We know it as one of the ingredients in a smoothie or on a summer fruit platter...
But people in the tropics have long used pineapple as a medicinal plant.

It took until 1957, when a chemist at the Dole pineapple company made a discovery that explained what ancient islanders had known all along.

The inner core of pineapple contains a powerful healing nutrient called bromelain.

We now understand the reasons why the bromelain found in pineapple has been used to relieve joint pain, reduce stiffness, speed healing, improve immunity, support cardiovascular health, and even relieve indigestion.

As you’ve learned, one of the root causes of joint pain is fibrosis...

It can break apart the fibrous scar tissue which improves blood flow and restores the health of connective tissue and organs damaged by inflammation.
And best of all, because bromelain is a food derived nutrient, it’s totally natural, extremely safe, and it does its work without any serious side effects.

Ingredient #4:


That microscopic scar tissue formation that eventually leads to restrictions in mobility and increased stiffness and pain.  
Well, bromelain is the perfect natural solution because it actually breaks up that fibrous scar tissue.

In fact, this is why bromelain is the active ingredient in meat tenderizer.

When you sprinkle it on a piece of tough or gristly steak, it digests and breaks down the fibrous protein in the meat - which leaves you with a soft, tender steak.
And...Bromelain can have the exact same effect inside the body.

Bromelain is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and goes straight to work:

Breaking up the scar tissue (fibrosis) that restricts joint mobility. 

Increasing circulation in the affected area

Safely thinning the blood to prevent clotting

Blocking production of compounds that increase swelling and pain.

Supporting the immune system...your #1 ally or long-term health.

For that reason, bromelain is a critical addition to any effective joint pain management protocol.

But about 15 years ago, I discovered that bromelain works way better when it is combined with:

See, one of these things is not like the others…  
You’ve already learned about why I recommend curcumin, boswellia, quercetin, and bromelain...

And you now know that each one of those ingredients comes directly from a plant.

But now, I’m talking about magnesium...

Magnesium is involved in reactions that generate cellular energy, form and break down protein, manufacture and metabolize hormones, regulate gene expression, and control muscle tension.
We absolutely depend on Magnesium for life but unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, most people do not get enough of this vital mineral.

Even government data demonstrates that up to 75% of American adults are not meeting their recommended intake of dietary magnesium.

Because magnesium plays an important role in muscle contraction— when magnesium levels are low…
Muscles tend to go into spasm.

And in the presence of inflammation and fibrosis, those spasms can be even more intense and unrelenting.  

I can’t tell you how many times I have had patients tell me that their leg and foot cramps almost immediately disappear when they start including magnesium in their protocol.

Ingredient #5:


A mineral that you can find right next to sodium on the periodic table of elements.

Magnesium is one of the most versatile, abundant, and essential minerals in the body.
It plays an essential role in more than 600 biochemical reactions that power every cell, every organ, and every system of the human body.

When people get turmeric, boswellia, quercetin, bromelain, and magnesium into their system…
Something almost magical happens. But in order for that combination to have it’s most powerful effect...it needs to get past the guards inside the GI tract.

This epidemic of magnesium deficiency is caused by three main problems:

Magnesium is found in healthy foods like vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, and seeds...which most people don’t eat enough of.  


Even when people do make health food choices, most agricultural soil is depleted because of corporate farming practices...so even healthy foods don't contain the amounts of magnesium that they used to.


Stress depletes magnesium.  Need I say more?


That’s why I also recommend:

Piperine is a highly absorbable plant extract derived from black pepper.
I recommend it not so much for what it can do for the root causes of joint pain...

But because of what it does for all of the other five nutrients I recommend.

And that is...it increases their absorption.

Quite literally, piperine gets the curcumin, boswellia, quercetin, bromelain, and magnesium past the guard gate and into the bloodstream where they can do their best work.

In one study, when researchers tested the blood levels of curcumin alone versus combining it with piperine…

After just 45 minutes of use, patients taking the combination had blood levels of curcumin 2,000% higher than those taking curcumin alone.

But it doesn’t just work with curcumin from turmeric.
Piperine increases the bioavailability of a wide variety of nutrients by interacting and enhancing the absorption and metabolism of these nutrients.

Ingredient #6:


That’s why piperine needs to be included with all of the other ingredients for the best results.  
What this means is that by adding Piperine to the formula, it enhances the bioavailability of every nutrient…

Here’s What You Can Do to Naturally ELIMINATE inflammation related pain from your joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves – AT THE SOURCE…

Have you ever noticed how on nutritional or herbal advertisements there's always a statement like:

“This information is not a substitute for medical advice…”  
And that you should “Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional…” ?

It’s about you...
And how the approach that I’ve developed can finally help you get out of pain.

I realize you may have heard sensational promises like this before…

But with over 20 years of direct clinical experience…

I can tell you that there is nothing more important to your long-term health than understanding the pain-relieving secret I’m about to share with you. 

Because right alongside the massive advances in modern medicine, we’ve gotten ourselves into BIG trouble.

And here are the answers they received from the surgeons they interviewed...

“We perform surgery because we have been trained to do so and because we have always done it this way…”

The other common answer...

“We are incentivized to perform surgical procedures, either for financial gain, renown, or both.”

Crazy, isn’t it?
Are either one of those good reasons to subject yourself to an unnecessary surgery?

I don’t think so…

And when you use what I’m about to share with you in exactly the way I show you…

And the discovery I’m about to share with you goes straight to the source of your discomfort…
Liberating you from depending on Big Pharma or putting yourself at the risk of unnecessary surgery.

And speaking of unnecessary surgery...

In a recent study published in the journal Patient Safety in Surgery researchers asked the question…

“Why Do Surgeons Continue To Perform Unnecessary Surgery?”

You won’t have to.
Because right now…

I’m going to share with you the EXACT method I use to help patients everyday...

To end their pain fast – without the use of drugs.

And as you’re about to discover…

This shockingly simple natural remedy is a TOTAL and COMPLETE game changer. 

In just 30 seconds per day, you can eliminate joint, muscle and nerve discomfort without the use of dangerous drugs or having to resort to painful surgery…

They recommend you take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) like aspirin and ibuprofen.

Which are likely to only give you unpleasant side effects.

Everything from digestive discomfort and a queasy stomach to ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Even heart trouble has been linked to the long-term use of these over-the-counter pain pills.

In fact, according to the FDA, these over-the-counter pain relievers can raise your chance of a serious heart problem by 50%.

I quickly understood that the conventional, modern medical approach your doctor is most likely using to treat your pain right now…
Is completely off base.

You see, there’s a lot more to your stiff shoulders, tired back and trick knee than meets the eye…
There’s a process underneath all your discomfort that’s been happening long before you ever knew something was wrong.

And while the Sherpas have developed their own protocol over thousands of years…
We NOW have scientific evidence as to how it all works.

More importantly, it has allowed us to expand on their ancient wisdom and make it all work even better.
And it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

The 1-2-3 refers to the THREE KEY sources of pain I’ve identified and the method I’ve created to address them.

Something I call the I-M-F protocol…

And while that all sounds pretty bad…

I think what makes these and other drugs so bad in my opinion is that they don’t address the root cause of your pain.

Which means you NEVER really get better.

Truth is…

They can actually make your pain worse!

A LOT worse!

How To FIX Inflammation, Muscle Tension and Fibrosis

This remarkable discovery gives you the power to reverse a lifetime of injuries and bad habits by biologically changing the way your body processes pain.

Leaving you with a freedom of movement and a sense of peace that you haven’t felt in years…
And the best part?

It all starts to happen within just days.

AND it’s been a life-changer for my patients.

But even though the root of this discovery is in essence over 4000 years old…

Until now it was all theory.

Nobody knew quite how it worked.

Fast forward to today and we now have a clear understanding of exactly why you have pain.

And more importantly…

We NOW know exactly how to stop it without interfering with your ability to heal.

Which is why I’m so excited to be sharing this with you now.

You see, the process of wear and tear that most doctors hang their hat on as the cause of your pain…

Is actually just another symptom…

The REAL cause is the process underneath.
And that process starts with Inflammation.

Shut down the inflammation and you start the process that leads to ultimately becoming PAIN-FREE.
But the trick is to do it WITHOUT interfering with your body’s healing response.

And the way we do that is to stop the trigger that starts it all.

Because it’s this chain of events that eventually leads to dangerous inflammation, muscle tension and fibrosis.
And it’s this “pain chain” that causes your joints to get stiff, your muscles to ache and seize, and your nerves to scream.

Yet when you shut down this newly discovered chemical kingpin…

Something extraordinary happens.

Further joint damage stops dead in its tracks…

Muscle tension and fibrosis melt away like butter…

And your body begins to heal and repair itself naturally!

When this happens, becoming pain free and staying pain free becomes easy…
No matter how bad you’re hurting…

What other treatments you’ve tried…

...or how long you’ve been suffering.

So, what starts this newly discovered “PAIN CHAIN” I keep referring to?

It’s a group of proteins called REL proteins.
These proteins interact causing a cascade of biochemical events…

That all lead in one direction...PAIN.

And once one of these proteins (called NF-kB) is triggered…

It ignites a rapidly spreading wildfire of immune system activity that we call:

Inflammation (The “I” part of the I-M-F)

Can also affect your heart and blood vessels

Cause weight gain

Alter your blood sugar

And even cause damage to your internal organs.

The Pain Chain continues because the reaction to the inflammation itself generates additional signals of injury...
And the biochemical cycle keeps spinning on a continuous loop.

And the longer this loop stays active…

The more damage occurs to your joints, muscles and nerves leading to further inflammation.

But inflammation doesn’t just cause you pain…it can be deadly too!

This natural, clinically studied substance can shut down NF-kB and stop the damaging effects of this chemical cascade...
What’s more, it does so while boosting your body’s ability to heal.

But before I tell you about this powerful inflammation fighter…

I want to explain the “M” and “F” components of my I-M-F protocol.

See, if you’ve been experiencing any sort of discomfort then you’ve gone through the entire pain cycle.
Remember, inflammation is only just the start of your body’s healing response….

And part of healing is protecting the area that is in the process of being healed.

Have you ever noticed how tight and tender your muscles can get when you’re in pain?

Well, the “M” of my I-M-F protocol refers to Muscle Tension.

Muscle Tension (The “M” part of the I-M-F)

Those tender trigger points are basically localized muscle spasms...and, when muscles are constantly under tension, like they are in a trigger point…
They can cut off blood supply to the area AND strangle delicate nerves which causes even more pain.

If you’ve ever experienced the misery of sciatica...you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Which is why surgery rarely fixes the problem.
And that brings me to the “F” component of my I-M-F protocol.

Fibrosis (The “F” part of the I-M-F)

It makes sense that your body would create scar tissue during the healing response.
You can think of it as an internal scar…

And while it can be useful…

Scar tissue caused by chronic inflammation can also cause even more problems too.

And just like muscle tension, fibrosis can limit range of motion.
It can also entrap nerves and blood vessels too.

The truth is…

You can’t really address pain unless you address all three components of the I-M-F process.

Ingredient #1:  Curcumin

But it reduces ALL the inflammation-promoting molecular targets for which the FDA currently has approved drugs.
In other words…

Curcumin puts out the fire of inflammation and silences pain…
And it does that without a single, solitary side-effect or risk of addiction.
the medical literature is piled high with studies showing just how powerful curcumin can be.

Remember, the “Pain Chain” is a series of chemical events, one after the other.
And it all starts with NF-kB.
It’s almost like a row of dominos...
Remove the FIRST domino and you stop the whole thing.  
Once the “Pain Chain” is broken, your body’s inflammatory process is restored back to normal.
From what I’ve seen…

This should be the FIRST treatment every patient with pain should be given.

And with an understanding of just how powerful blocking the NF-kB protein is…
I made the decision to create my own formula designed to help people experience real pain relief.
To do that however…

It had to address all 3 components of the I-M-F…
The inflammation, the muscle tension AND the fibrosis.
And after 11 months of trial and error.
I developed what I believe is the MOST effective natural pain reliever on the market today.


Golden Revive +

And in developing this formula, the first and most important decision was to find a superior source of curcumin…
Not just any, run of the mill, ‘standard’ curcumin you can find anywhere.

And what I managed to get my hands on was something studies show to have 693% MORE bioavailability compared to ‘normal’ curcumin.

See, it turns out, if you’re on a mission to find the best quality, most clinically effective form of turmeric...

All roads point to BCM-95® curcumin.

BCM-95® is a concentrated, 95% curcumin extract coupled with turmeric essential oil making it the most concentrated, best absorbed, and most effective turmeric extract available…

Ingredient #2: Boswellia

Boswellic acid inhibits production of another painful chemical called 5-lipoxygenase, or 5-LOX for short.
5-LOX plays a role in normal, healthy inflammation.

But as part of the “pain chain” we’ve been talking about…

Too much 5-LOX activity is not a good thing.
Excessive 5-LOX production keeps the fires of inflammation burning white hot!

Over time this raging inferno wipes out healthy cartilage surrounding your knees, elbows, and other joints, making that agonizing "bone-on-bone" scraping even worse.

It also triggers painful joint stiffness and swelling of your nerves making it harder to bend, twist or simply walk.

Boswellia has been shown to inhibit 5-LOX and therefore control inflammation.

And as much like turmeric, boswellia initiates healing.

It does this by stimulating joint repair by activating your body’s production of collagen.

And it makes the perfect addition to my new pain relief formula.

My next secret weapon to help keep you limber and pain-free is an essential mineral that is found in the crust of the earth…

Ingredient #3: Magnesium

And a lack of magnesium plays a significant role in the muscle tension component of my I-M-F protocol.
See, magnesium plays an important role in muscle contraction.

So, when magnesium levels are low…

Muscles tend to go into spasm.
And in the presence of inflammation…

These spasms can be even more intense and unrelenting.

Magnesium, however, settles down and relaxes tense muscles.

Ok...now that we’ve got the biochemical cascade of inflammation under control, and we’ve got the muscle tension softened up…

Here’s another BIG issue that we need to address.

This is a driver of musculoskeletal pain that we are all exposed to every day.

It’s something that causes the breakdown of cartilage, leaving our joints vulnerable and destroys our muscles and nerves from the inside out.

I’m talking about free radicals.

Free radicals are toxic byproducts produced from oxygen that wreak significant damage to your body’s cells and tissues—including those in your joints, muscles and nerves.
And left unchecked, free radicals build up in the body and can further damage already-injured tissue.

Researchers have linked this excessive production of free radicals to a wide range of health problems including chronic pain.
The good news is, during my research I found a potent fighter against free radicals.

And it bulletproofs your joints, muscles, and nerves against their damaging effects.

Ingredient #4: Quercetin

Quercetin is what’s called a flavonol, which is a sub-category of flavonoids.
Flavonoids are a particular chemical in plants, called phytonutrients, and have a wide range of health benefits.

Most importantly...lasting relief from musculoskeletal pain.
That brings me to the next pain-relieving ingredient.

A powerful nutrient that handles the “F” portion of my I-M-F protocol.

The Fibrosis (or scar tissue) component.

And to handle that... I added...

Ingredient #5: Bromelain

In fact, in clinical studies show that bromelain works AS WELL as many anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief.

And in head-to-head trials against some of the most popular NSAIDs, bromelain was shown to be as effective for treating joint tenderness, stiffness, and joint function.

Plus, bromelain significantly reduced the patients’ swelling, pain at rest and in motion, and tenderness at the site of injury.
Just imagine being able to bend without pain.

Raise your arms overhead without discomfort.

Bend your knees, pick up your grandkids and easily get up out of a chair without help.

All without pain or stiffness.

Think about the sense of pride you’ll have knowing that you are no longer dependent on others?

You can now do things for yourself…

Because you’re no longer a prisoner to the movement-restricting effects of fibrotic scar tissue in and around your joints.

That’s the power of bromelain.

Which brings me to the final ingredient used in my I-M-F Protocol.
And while it doesn’t directly relieve inflammation, reduce muscle tension or dissolve fibrosis…

It makes every single one of the ingredients used in my I-M-F Protocol work better.

By increasing your body's ability to absorb them all.

This ingredient, proven at St. John's University has the ability to enhance the power of turmeric and every other ingredient by as much as 2000%.
What is this game-changing ingredient?

Ingredient #6: Piperine

So it works on more than just turmeric.
And by adding Piperine to the formula…

It enhances the bioavailability of EVERY nutrient…

Ensuring that the process of blocking the “Pain Chain” can actually take place…
And the I-M-F Protocol can be fully carried out.

So just how powerful IS this “Ancient Solution” for pain?

Jacob L.

Verified Purchase

I used to take three different supplements to get the same benefits that I can now get from just one. Thank you! 

I have multiple medical problems and I take seven different prescription drugs every day. It’s frustrating because each pill only deals with one problem. That’s why I’m so grateful to Dr. Levitt for suggesting this supplement because it’s the only thing that I take that treats my whole body, and it really does help me feel better from head to toe.

Nancy W.

Verified Purchase

Kevin O.

Verified Purchase

Now that I’m in my sixties, I’m really starting to feel the effects of all of the sports I played when I was younger. BCM-95 curcumin (and the other ingredients in Golden Revive +) are a godsend.

Are you ready for your second chance at an active, pain-free life? 

If you want to know what it feels like to once again wake up each day pain-free…
And move effortlessly wherever you want to go and do whatever you want to do…

Then you owe it to yourself to not let another day pass by until you give Golden Revive +® a chance to work for you!

When I first released Golden Revive +® we considered offering it $97 per bottle.
You have to remember that there’s really nothing else like Golden Revive +® available on the market today.

In fact, most supplements containing turmeric that you see for sale online, and even at the grocery story are of very often of questionable quality at best…

Some of them are grown in industrial farms filled with pesticides and other toxins…

And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a product that contains BCM-95 curcumin, high-grade Boswellia, or absorption-enhancing piperine, or any of the additional pain-relieving ingredients you’ll find in Golden Revive +®

Which means even if you take your supermarket brand turmeric supplement regularly…

You’ll still hardly be absorbing any of its most important ingredient, curcumin, into your body.

And you’re certainly not getting all of the other pain-relieving powers of boswellia, bromelain, quercetin and magnesium.

That’s one of the main reasons why Golden Revive +® can take months to make…

And why we’re constantly running out of stock.

You simply don’t get this quality in other joint support supplements…
And because we’re only sourcing the best and highest quality ingredients. We’re severely limited in how many batches we can make.

You could spend $400 to buy 10 bottles of some generic mass-produced turmeric or some other natural pain relief supplement …
And still not even get 10% of the benefits you would from a single bottle of Golden Revive +®.

Plus given the fact that all of the ingredients are scientifically proven to fight the root cause of inflammation and dozens of other diseases and health conditions…
The chances are high that if you begin using Golden Revive +® regularly…

Think About It...

You’ll end up cutting $400 a month or more from your healthcare costs too.
Inflammation is the single culprit that is ruining the health of hundreds of millions of Americans…
Which means when you reduce inflammation, which the ingredients inside  Golden Revive +® have been proven to do…

You’re also helping with your blood sugar…your digestion…your heart health…your brain health too…
And hundreds of other health concerns.

This means a healthier you…
And less money spent on prescriptions, doctor visits, and health insurance.
So considering you’ll probably save at least $4,800 in annual healthcare costs if you get your inflammation under control…
I really do think $97 per bottle is a fair price for Golden Revive +®.
But while that may be the case…
I also know that many folks are on a fixed income…

And you’ve probably already spent a ton of money on “other” pain relief solutions that didn’t work...
Therefore, $97 may be a lot to ask.  

So, after much back-and-forth with my staff…
We decided to give you a special deal from right here on this page.

A discount that will allow you to try a 30-Day supply of Golden Revive +® for not $97… even $77…
But instead, just $49.95 per bottle.

And actually, that’s just for starters.

I understand that getting out of pain by destroying inflammation isn’t just important to you…

It’s essential.
And I know that once you discover the power of Golden Revive +® you’ll want to keep taking it.
I also know that you’ll probably want some of your loved ones to try it too...
Because you’re going to want everyone you care about to also experience the dramatic relief.
Something that bullet-proofs you and them from 90% of the conditions and diseases that affect our health…

Where you can get 6 bottles of Golden Revive +®

For just $29.95 per bottle.

This special discount package is only being offered to you today through this website, as part of our nationwide Inflammatory Pain Relief awareness campaign….
And only while supplies last.

Which is why I’ve created a special discount package plan specifically for you.

Plus you’ll also get free shipping today, which is a $12.95 value right to your pocket…
But both the special multi-bottle discount, and the free shipping are limited.

When we run out of bottles of Golden Revive +®, it can take up to three months before another batch is available…
And because I see patients almost every day, I always have to make sure I have some in my office at all times.
Which means supplies are limited

Joshua Levitt, N.D.
Founder, UpWellness® LLC

Joshua Levitt

Look the way I see it you have 3 options…

This is one of the smallest but most important investments you can make in your health and wellness… 

Including things like heart issues, brain health concerns and blood sugar worries.
It’s like a whole-body “revival” in a golden-yellow capsule.

Hence the name Golden Revive +®!

And with 6 bottles of Golden Revive +®  I'll give you an entire six months of protection…

In other words…
After using Golden Revive +®  for 6 months it could make you look and feel like you’re 10 years younger…

Giving you a pain-free and healthier body

And a completely new YOU.  

So make your selection right now so that you can start experiencing everything Golden Revive +® has to offer.

You do need to act fast.
In addition to only having a limited discounted supply available…

We’re also under constant fire from the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

These billion-dollar corporations are FURIOUS that we’re offering such high-grade pain relief supplements to the public.
As a result, we’re under constant harassment from their lawyers…

And I simply cannot guarantee how long this offer will remain online.

So go ahead and order your very own supply of Golden Revive +® right now
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Yep, you heard that right!
I told you I guaranteed it would work for you.

You’re covered by our exclusive 100%, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee…for 60 Days!

Here’s how it works…

Right now, you simply click the button below...

And on the next page, you can secure your very own supply of Golden Revive +.

You should also know that your order of Golden Revive + is covered by our 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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I want you to tear open that packaging and start USING Golden Revive +®!

I’m incredibly confident that you’ll notice a huge difference once you start taking this premium pain relief supplement…

That you’ll feel your aches and pains disappear, and your energy skyrocket.

And if you change your mind about Golden Revive +® for any reason ever.

Just call or email my friendly, U.S based customer service team…

And we will immediately refund your full investment minus shipping with zero questions asked.

So in other words…

There is absolutely zero-risk or reason for hesitation here today.
You have 60 days to see if Golden Revive +® is for you…and if you change your mind you don’t pay a dime.

But if you’re ready to take advantage of this life-changing offer…

You can keep on doing what you’ve been doing...
You can try another medication, another therapy program or injections.

But as you know nothing is going to work as long as NF-kB is pumping out inflammation on a daily basis…

Locking up your joints, muscles, nerves and putting your health at risk.

Your second option would be to take what you learned here and try to “figure it all out” for yourself.
You can try this, and I told you all the ingredients in Golden Revive +®.

So you know what you need, but you would need to learn how to extract and measure the key nutrients, and unless you have your own herbal medicine laboratory on hand, it will cost you hundreds - even thousands of dollars to do so.

And even then, you will be forced to wonder about the purity, safety, and potency of your ingredients, and that’s just extra suffering, stress, and spending that I don’t want for you.

Which is why I recommend the 3rd option…
Which is to simply do what THOUSANDS of others have done before you and try Golden Revive +® completely risk-free.

It’s a simple decision.
You see it’s no coincidence you’re here now and I know it means you’re ready for a change.

Please, trust yourself to make the right decision.

Click the button below to select your Golden Revive +® option today!

Joan G.

Verified Purchase

Marilyn B.

Verified Purchase

“GR+ saved me from pending knee replacement surgery. I am taking it consistently & totally pain free & loving life, plus back to ice skating at almost 88!”

“My Shoulder was really hurting from an old injury, after taking Golden Revive I never think of my shoulder any more, I can’t believe at 79 I am free of pain.”


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Raphael B.

Verified Purchase

“I suffered with inflammation in my right hip. After taking Golden Revive plus daily for one week I can tell you IT WORKS.”

“I don’t usually comment but I just can’t believe how well this works. I just ordered 5 more months’ worth. I saw results in a week! My pain was [in] my knees and my sciatic nerve!”

James M.

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Sandra M.

Verified Purchase

“I used Golden Revive at least seven months of 2023. I ran out in January and thought I would buy separate supplements to see if they would be about the same. Not even close… Pain came back with a vengeance. Had to stop walking for a while and immediately ordered my next six months. I’m very pleased. It makes a huge difference. Thank you for a great product.”

“For me, it’s the best joint pain relief product on the market. I used multiple other products for over 20 years until I found Golden Revive +. It works!”

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*96% Of Customers Order 6 Bottles 
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Being a naturopathic physician, for the better part of the last 20 years, my main job has been to keep my patients' joints moving freely...
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Can you imagine feeling a smooth, painless range of motion in every joint in your body all day long starting from the minute you get out of bed?

Well, this report is your guide on “how to”…

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See, over the years I discovered a pattern in patients with joint pain that holds true regardless of which joint is affected…

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When joints are stiff and sore, the REAL CAUSE of the pain is the process that is happening below the surface.

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